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Round-table Discussion

Montana WordPress

Bring your latest wordpress site or questions to share with the group.

1st Wednesday Discussion Group

Missoula Area Secular Society Official Events

The discussion topic for this meeting will be:  The "argument from design" what is it and what are its flaws? Recommend watching the following video (about 22 min.) (Don't worry that this is part 1, it...

WMP First Friday Group Show - October 2014

Western Montana Photography

The Western Montana Photography Meetup Group is on for a group show at the Missoula Community Access TV studio in October. The venue consists of a smallish gallery room with plenty of wall space and a big honkin' broadcast TV studio. Yeah, that's...

First Friday Gallery Night

New Friends Group

First Friday Gallery Night in Missoula. Join us for a fun filled evening of art, conversation, snacks and "refreshments" (all FREE) as we walk through downtown Missoula and visit the many galleries and stores that are participating in First...

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